General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GT&C)

Availability of rooms

Reserved rooms are available to guests from 3 p.m. onwards.

Unless a later arrival time has been agreed in advance, we reserve the right to re-let reserved rooms if they have not been occupied by 6 p.m.

Guests are not entitled to demand provision of any specific individual rooms or venues (for conferences etc.). If rooms or venues agreed previously are unavailable, we undertake to arrange for equivalent alternative rooms or venues on the premises.

The following shall apply in the case of group arrangements and conferences:

Charges shall apply as follows if hotel room reservations are changed or cancelled:

  • up to 28 days before scheduled arrival: no charge
  • from 27 days before scheduled arrival: 40% of agreed cost of rooms and services
  • from 14 days before scheduled arrival: 60% of agreed cost of rooms and services
  • from 7 days before scheduled arrival: 80% of agreed cost of rooms and services
  • cancellation of the conference/event: 100% of agreed cost of rooms and services

Landgasthof Hess will make every effort to re-let cancelled rooms in order to avoid unplanned vacancies and the invoicing of cancellation fees. However, until contractually agreed rooms have been re-let, the ordering party shall be obliged to pay the amount due for the agreed letting duration and in accordance with the scale of charges set out above.

Conferences and other functions

Organisers are kindly requested to provide us with lists of participants at the latest 5 days before scheduled arrival, as the smooth functioning of the event cannot be guaranteed otherwise. The same applies if there are more participants than announced in advance.


If the organiser of the event is a political association, the agreement to provide rooms and services is not valid without the additional approval of the proprietor Karsten Hess. If the customer/organiser fails to advise the contractual partner that the reservation is for a political association, the hotel management is entitled to cancel the contract without notice and invoice the customer/organiser in accordance with the list of cancellation charges above.


If the requested deposit is not paid by the specified date, we shall immediately be released from all contractual obligations.

All prices stated include service charges and VAT (Umsatzsteuer). Any subsequent changes in the VAT rate will be charged to the customer, regardless of when the change took place.

All prices lists and agreed prices are in euros (€). Any foreign currency amounts mentioned are intended only as non-binding guidelines in accordance with the valid exchange rate at the time of publication.


Bills for rooms and services must be paid immediately, net cash without deductions.

Foreign customers paying by cheque are kindly requested to enter the amount in euros (€).

Bills issued on the strength of previously agreed credit arrangements must be paid within 14 days net.

We accept the following credit and debit cards: MasterCard, Visa Card, EC Card and Maestro.


As our contractual partner, guest or function/conference host, you are liable in full for any damage caused by you or your guests.

If a guest uses the room(s) provided in any other way than that which was previously agreed, the hotel shall be entitled to cancel the contract without notice and demand full payment of the agreed price for rooms and services.

We shall incur no liability for damages if force majeure or industrial action prevents us from providing the agreed rooms and services. However, the hotelier is obliged to make every reasonable effort to provide the customer with equivalent alternative rooms and/or services.

The hotel is liable towards the guest in accordance with the provisions of the BGB [German Civil Code] (one hundred times the room rate, maximum value 6,000.00 €). Liability by the hotel is excluded if the room or the receptacles in which the guest has deposited items are left unlocked. In accordance with § 701 BGB, liability for cash or valuables is limited to a maximum sum of 1,500.00 €. Guests are requested to deposit valuables at Reception. A receipt will be issued for cash sums that have been verified before deposit.

Guests are requested to notify Reception of their departure by 10.00 a.m. at the latest. Rooms must then be vacated by 11.00 a.m. unless otherwise agreed with Reception staff. If rooms are vacated significantly later than the agreed time, an appropriate proportion of the room price will be charged.

Decorative material

Decorative material or other articles may not be hung on or affixed to walls, ceilings etc. without the permission of the hotel management. The event organiser/customer shall be liable for all damage caused to furnishings and fittings of the Landgasthof Hess before, during or after the event.

Wake-up calls

While the hotel will make every reasonable effort to wake guests at the requested time, we can assume no liability for any loss or damage resulting from our failure to do so. 


Lost property

Property left behind at the hotel will only be returned on request. The hotel is obliged to keep lost property for a period of 6 months. On the expiry of this period, any lost property with an evident value will be transferred to the local Lost Property Office.

Letters and parcels

Messages, letters and parcel addressed to guests will be treated with utmost care. We undertake to keep and deliver such items to our guests during their stay, or forward the items after departure. However, we cannot accept liability for any loss, delay or damage incurred.

Under certain circumstance, our services include the transportation of persons and luggage free of charge. Liability for damage to persons or property is limited to the statutory level for motor vehicle insurance. No liability will be accepted for any losses or delays.

Place of performance and court of jurisdiction: Bad Hersfeld.

These General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the accommodation contract and are deemed to have been accepted when the booking is made.

In accordance with § 26 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), please be advised that data is stored to facilitate the performance of business transactions in compliance with the BDSG.


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Landgasthof Hess

Proprietor: Karsten Hess